Outback Truckers’ star to feature in charity TV show

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Danyelle Haigh, who many will recognise from her regular appearances on Outback Truckers, is now filming for a travel TV show that raises money for charity.

Haigh runs Murranji Water Drilling with her husband Anthony Haigh. They recently relocated to the NT with their two young boys.

This week she’s in Victoria’s Gippsland region for filming of the TV travel show Adventure All Stars.

Haigh is among 12 cast members who were required to raise funds for a nominated philanthropic cause, and their reward for doing so was to star on the show.

Her chosen charity was Diabetes Australia, a cause close to her heart. “Diabetes is pretty close to me. I’m quite passionate about it because my dad’s mum died of diabetes, my dad has diabetes and so does my nephew and my uncles. I had gestational diabetes and it’s likely I may develop it too. The quicker they find a cure and can do more research into it, the better,” she said.

While filming for Adventure All Stars in Gippsland, Haigh and the cast will experience the region, including horse riding, sailing, surfing, mountain biking and helicopter flights.

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