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Our award-winning filming and fundraising platform changes lives and creates unforgettable memories.

Hear directly from those who’ve been impacted by our emotional, engaging and fun TV projects in the video on this page and see below for some frequently asked questions!

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What age do I have to be to become an ‘Adventure All Stars’ TV cast member?

18-80 and every age in between! Our ground-breaking filming & fundraising campaigns cater for everyone.

Where will my ‘Adventure All Stars’ trip be filmed?

Travel will be within the country you reside in (and in line with any COVID-19 specifications). The exciting part is that your trip will be to a secret location, so you won’t know exactly where you’re traveling to until the first day of filming. Nothing like a life-changing surprise!

How long will I be away filming for?

Your unforgettable journey to a secret location will consist of six days of fun and adventure! The date will be approximately 10 months following your acceptance as a TV cast member.

Can I speak to someone before committing to this award-winning filming & fundraising project?

Of course you can! Our experienced team is on stand-by and always available to answer any of your questions in readiness for a truly memorable adventure.

By registering my interest today am I committed to the project?

No. Registering your interest via the form at the bottom of this website is merely an expression of your interest to learn more. Once registered, our team will forward you further information to ensure clarity… and should you wish to proceed you will be offered the chance to become an official TV cast member of Adventure All Stars.

Does part of the Casting (pre-filming) process require me to fundraise?

Adventure All Stars combines entertainment with philanthropy. To be rewarded with a starring role in our ground-breaking television series there is an expectation that all TV cast fundraise (pre-filming). We live by the mantra of “changing lives & creating memories”. Your fundraising endeavors will not only change the lives of the people who benefit from the money you raise, but this overall experience will change YOUR life. The memories generated via such a powerful journey will last a lifetime. This is what makes our international TV series so special (and rewarding). You will be supplied with a detailed Cast Guide along with your own personal fundraising page and lots of support from our expert team!

Is Charity TV Global a reputable organisation?

Absolutely! Charity TV Global is a two-time national finalist in the Business Champion Awards, and winner of the 2021 Australian Achiever Awards (Excellence in Customer Service). Our filming and fundraising projects are broadcast in 25 countries and we are a registered ACNC (Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission) entity.

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