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As a registered ACNC (Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission) entity and state of California certified charitable trust, Charity TV Global Foundation oversees all filming and fundraising projects to ensure transparency, accountability and adherence to relevant fundraising laws.

Charity TV Global is a two-time national finalist in the Business Champion Awards, and winner of the 2021 Australian Achiever Awards (Excellence in Customer Service).

How We Support

Charities, Foundations & Non-Profits

Charity TV Global is a verified filming and fundraising project which combines entertainment with philanthropy.

Our experienced team implements and manages an epic campaign that culminates in the filming of a ground-breaking TV show. 

All net proceeds from each project are gifted to our charity partners.

Having a relationship with a recognised award-winning international brand like Charity TV Global helps staying top of mind when fundraisers and donors are deciding who to support.

Award-winning TV series

The ultimate reward for fundraising

No cost to your charity

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To be eligible for the net proceeds raised via our filming and fundraising projects please register your Charity, Foundation or NFP now by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

An Introduction

Adventure All Stars & Charity TV Global

Enjoy this entertaining 3-minute video about Charity TV Global. Hear from our CEO, TV cast, and fundraising ambassadors from all over the world.

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